Why volunteering with the locals?

I have been volunteering for the Queensland State Emergency Services (SES) since 2009, a short time compared to some!!.  My mother and sister also volunteer with the Australian Red Cross and have done so for so for many years.  Over the years I have had the privilege to work with many volunteers and their families who ask for nothing in return.

This site was conceived through the idea that many of us want to put something back to our local community in one way or another.  Some of us have the time to volunteer some of us don’t as life is just too busy…

Volunteer With The Locals allows local businesses an opportunity to put something back by providing a Special Offer for our volunteers.  As a volunteer all you need to do is select the business you want, present your volunteer ID or other proof your a volunteer to the business and you will then receive their Special Offer.

On behalf of our team, thank you for being a much needed volunteer and we thank the businesses supporting you.

Garry Hinitt

*Note we are always looking for more businesses to make Special Offers to volunteers all over Australia.  Please Contact Us if  you are interested in being involved.